Walking into Spring

Easter weekend in England is long – but this year it is sunny-long. Warm-long! We’re making the most of it, heading into the sunshine as much as we can to see what is stirring and who is returning from their winter haunts. We revisited Canvey Wick this morning where we saw early butterflies (Peacocks and Speckled Woods), lots of buds and blossoms, and enjoyed the call of the recently returned Cuckoo.

The dragonfly? A metal scultpure at the entrance to the nature reserve, a visual ode to a visitor who will show up later, and a brilliant reminder that nature is art.

Over the winter, a padlocked gate has been knocked down allowing us to walk out on what used to be a dock. Without railings, it was a bit daunting to get close to the edge, but being out there gave us a lovely view of the rippled mud flat while the tide was out.

A peaceful early morning wander to mark the start of our weekend.

3 thoughts on “Walking into Spring

  1. What wonderful worlds are those places in which you walk, Kimberly!
    Happy Easter and much happy world-walking to you and Jeff.

  2. Morning Kimberly, How special, this indeed brightened a morning that needed brightening! Dragonflies are unique (Fairies ride on them) I had one , for three days, about four minutes, come and sit about two feet from me as I was sitting on a small brick wall in my garden …what a treat!
    What wonderful places you go near by to take in nature at it’s best and then share it. Lots of love, Nydia

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