Winemaking in Essex?


Absolutely!  And with this year’s mild weather, we’ve heard that the local vineyards have had a super year, so we were really keen to head out into the Essex countryside to taste – and buy – the local wine. Our Purleigh pilgrimage has become a regular part of our Christmas season, and fits in with our buy-local gift-giving strategy. New Hall Vineyards invites the public for an over-the-top Christmas festival every December, complete with a Christmas maze, Santa’s Grotto, Christmas crafts, and a massive Christmas village. It’s silly, wild, and fun for the whole family. And the wine’s good, too!





2 thoughts on “Winemaking in Essex?

  1. Cheeers! now that I follow Excape to the Country on BBB every day I really start to know your contry and yes… I know where Essex is situated! Need sunglasses for these decorations for sure!!

  2. Lovely decorations. Wine in Essex, sure why not. If you got the time and the grapes, no problem. Glad see a happy season. Happy holidays. K

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