Like almost everyone, we are busy little elves these days, shopping, cleaning, wrapping, celebrating– well, you know how it is… One thing that I will freely admit is that I’ve enjoyed seeing the upswing in gluten-free Christmas treats this year. I don’t actually indulge in many (and most have way too many raisins for my liking), but I absolutely love the feeling of being included. So thank you, Tesco — a phrase I never thought you’d hear me say!

We’ve figured that gluten free offerings would hit the mainstream at some point, and with the recent appearance of telly adverts and grocery story signage, it seems to have happened. To be honest, the EU regulations for food labeling have also helped immensely.All major allergens have to be noted on food packaging, and restaurants have to fully disclose what’s in the food they serve. My life is getting so much easier, and safer!