Threading the Maze


December is flying by, and we have been out and about, travelling to Spain and Italy to both broaden our research and deepen our connections with friends and fellow labyrinth enthusiasts. But despite being physically out in the world, I am feeling particularly quiet and pulled-in this year. 2016 has been a year of extremes – great travel and deep pilgrimage has woven through alarming world events. My quiet soul is struggling to make sense of it all, and putting words into blogs has been an overwhelming challenge.

I have never felt so uncertain, so lost in the maze of conflict and confusion. And yet…. I feel gifted by unexpected opportunities and privileges. There are horrible atrocities taking place on our planet, but at the same time my world is filled with sparks of light that set my heart ablaze.

We will close the Labyrinthos HQ office tomorrow, as is our custom – from Solstice to New Year, we allow ourselves to snuggle in by the fire, eat good food, watch movies, talk over memories and come up with new plans and ideas.

Let’s welcome 2017 together, taking one step at a time into whatever comes next. Labyrinthos will introduce a new face to its online presence, and I’ll be catching you up on some of our 2016 adventures here on Walking in the World.

May we find new ways of spreading joy and love this holiday season!

Photo above is an old Christmas card from the Netherlands, part of our extensive collection of labyrinthine ephemera.

3 thoughts on “Threading the Maze

  1. Happy Christmas to you and Jeff!! Looking forward to retreating with you soon…I will send you a long overdue email!!

  2. Your blog and card so echoed my feelings at this time…even Santa seems to have a look of confusion? I search to connect with pockets of light that are out there, and indeed they are there. There will be five of us at Lea’s tomorrow evening to celebrate the Solstice and remember that light comes from the darkest time! Both you and Jeff enjoy your hibernation time, we forget we need that at this time of year, and I look forward to more “Walks”! Lots of love and blessings, Nydia

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