Well and Truly January


Today is exactly why I made my walking resolution and started this blog – or more precisely, today’s weather is why I need public motivation to get me out and walking. The weather was just cold enough to leave icy tracings in hidden corners of the world, the days are still so short that darkness gathers in the early afternoon, and the skies never lost their leaden cast. These are perfect conditions for tempting those of us with reclusive natures to pull back into our  hermit caves to curl up with good books and interesting projects instead of venturing out into the world.

Because of my promise, however, I donned coat, gloves and hat and bravely sallied forth. In the neighbourhoods, Christmas is disappearing even though it is not yet Twelfth Night. Decorations were coming down, and even Mother Nature seemed to be sweeping up and absorbing her seasonal displays. It’s really January.

One thought on “Well and Truly January

  1. It is so much fun finding these little treasures! Even though I’ve walked the same path everyday for over twenty years… I am always amazed at what comes my way if I will but look with fresh and gentle eyes…

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