A Taste-full Labyrinth


We spotted another labyrinth from the comforts of our living room the other day, this one a tasty invention featured on the BBC technology show Click last weekend. Apparently this chocolate labyrinth was created with a 3D printer – a tasty and appealing dessert, to our way of thinking!

I have other stories to tell, other photos to share – things that prove I do still walk out in the world, that i do leave the hermit cave on a daily basis, but I couldn’t resist showing you this little this little bit of further evidence that labyrinths really are going mainstream, and that this ancient symbol can really hold its own in our high tech world.


3 thoughts on “A Taste-full Labyrinth

  1. Reminds me of the labyrinth topped cakes you can buy at the Maison Monarque (across the street from Serpente) in Chartres. They are beautiful and delicious. A great gift too!

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