Casella Labyrinth 

We visited a lovely labyrinth deep in the heart of the forest near Hilversum. Before reaching the labyrinth itself,  we spent a few minutes in the special prayer room whose floor to ceiling windows look out onto the labyrinth,  a perfect place to meditate and pray before and after walking.

The labyrinth is well tended by its Guardian Cat; he clearly came to welcome and accompany us,  but maintained his distance, obviously taking his responsibilities very seriously.

This was a lovely place to open my heart as my feet followed the meandering path. The sense of peace was profound and the gracious welcome deeply appreciated.

Casella is a religious community born from the Sisters of St. Augustine Monica. They provide a place of Silence and Encounter for young people, but happily they welcome even us oldies to walk their beautiful labyrinth. How grateful I am for these few days with Els.  She knows just how to welcome me to her home and her country. These are the places that speak to my heart.

Photo Els van Lierop

As Els says, “we never walk alone.”

2 thoughts on “Casella Labyrinth 

  1. Dear Kimberly, All your “walks” are so looked forward to yet this one needs extra…the woods are so special and just call one in. I copied this and it will be on my “meditation wall” where I will roam through it! Last week I received a note from the daughter of the passing in England of the last of my two dearest English friends…Norah.This lovely post took me back to many wonderful days in England and two wonderful friendships that indeed blessed my life. Ans as I needed a happy thought the “welcoming cat” brought back another memory of a precious little church outside a village in Wales and there too a little Tabby walked up to greet us as we walked to the church, waited, and then walked us back to our car, and turned back to the Church! I had forgotten XO

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