Guarded by a Minotoad


WLD Laby2

Today is World Labyrinth Day, a day to celebrate the labyrinth symbol and connect with other enthusiasts around the globe by joining in a rolling wave of labyrinth walking. At 1 pm here in Britain, we were out in our garden with one of our finger labyrinths, walking with serious intent combined with a light heart — the world needs our prayers, but it is the Merry Month of May, after all… As you can see, our little labyrinth is being well-guarded by a watchful Minotoad!



One thought on “Guarded by a Minotoad

  1. I walk a labyrinth with other arsttis several times a year. When done as you describe here, it is a remarkable opportunity to reflect.I was just thinking about mazes yesterday. We were trying out the wool-web ideas that our Australian friends have been doing at their schools. At one point I realized the children were no longer weaving a web, but instead were treating it like a kind of maze.

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