Layers of Pilgrimage


I didn’t mean to be a tease. When I last posted, I was heading off on pilgrimage, full of intentions to blog my journey. Oh when am I going to learn? Pilgrimage inevitably takes on a life of its own that has very little to do with intentions and goals. By Day Two, it was clear that blogging was going to distract me from my path, and the further I traveled, the less inclined I was to connect to technology at the end of the day.


Fortunately for me, I dropped more and more deeply into the unfolding layers of my journey. Unfortunately for my readers, I disappeared from cyberspace without warning or explanation. For weeks.


I’m home now, slowly unpacking my experiences and insights. It was a pilgrimage of pilgrimages as we moved on and across a number of pilgrimage routes in both Sweden and France. Each one felt unique and enticing, each continues to call to me. Along the way, we acquired passports, met fellow pilgrims and kindred spirits, and were inspired by the saints in whose footsteps we followed.


And who can be the same after an experience like that?


I don’t think I can recreate a day-by-day travelogue for you, and to even attempt it moves away from the immediacy that defines this particular blog. And yet I really want to share some of the magic of my travels with you. So, I’ve decided to indulge in a bit of time-travelling hopscotch. I’m going to stay current by posting some of my daily walks, but I’ll also weave in a few posts about the highlights of our pilgrimage. Watch this space!

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