Local Labyrinths at Last!

We have some new spiralling paths in our area – a labyrinth in Southend and a maze in Shoebury.

The labyrinth at All Saints Church in Southend-on-Sea was dedicated by the Bishop of Chelmsford in May. I missed the ceremony because I was out of town, but Jeff was one of the speakers – and I am delighted to finally have a walkable public labyrinth close to home!

This morning we navigated a new maze made of recycled plastic pillars in nearby Shoebury. The pillars are far enough apart that small people can squeeze through, which seems to increase the fun and decrease any anxiety some may feel about becoming lost in the pathways. In the short time that we were there, several families came to visit, so clearly the maze is becoming popular already, and its official opening will be happening soon.

Happily, there are rumours that yet another labyrinth will be installed nearby very soon. My feet are overjoyed!

5 thoughts on “Local Labyrinths at Last!

  1. Hi there,

    Having breakfast again with you and fun and interesting to enjoy your post! Have a fun experience regarding Mazes…On one of my trips to England and with two of my English friends we visited Hampton Court. Of course I wanted to “walk the Maze” there though I was disappointed that it butted right into Windsor. Well, Pat and Norah were not about to pay 1 pound to enter!! So I never walked that most famous maze. XO Nydia

    1. Oh the disappointment! Such a famous feature, and something that everyone seems to have heard about!But at least you got to Hampton Court….

  2. the love and interes for labyrinths is building all over the world and it has been going on for some decades now. What joy !

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