The Path Whereon We Go


As odd as it may sound to those of you who know me through the labyrinth community, I don’t actually get to walk labyrinths very often, so each time feels like a treat. (Our back garden swallowed our little turf labyrinth a couple of winters ago and all that remains above ground is the stone from the very center.)

Jeff and I drove into London this morning for a meeting that was carefully timed to dovetail with a monthly labyrinth walk at the Wanstead Quaker Meeting House, a peaceful place that holds some special memories and connections for me. The beautiful canvas labyrinth is one I know well, a collaborative effort between Lisa Moriarty and Jeff for another another close friend, Jan Sellers, who was facilitating today’s walk. I have walked it many times, in a number of settings, and it always feels like greeting an old friend.

Bless to us, O God
The earth beneath out feet
Bless to us, O God
The path whereon we go
Bless to us, O God
The people whom we meet
— from the Carmina Gadelica