Winter Gardens


Our wildlife-friendly back garden is the reason we have so many guests at this time of year. It is a wild garden… it may never win any awards from Gardener’s World, but our local critters seem to appreciate Jeff’s attentiveness and care. And I appreciate his generosity in sharing what he sees (and hears) with me. Our winter has been so mild, that we still have plenty of berries, and we are already seeing an odd crocus or two beginning to push up through the soil. It is turning colder this week, so our wild friends will be looking to supplement their diet, and Jeff will be out filling the feeders every afternoon.


And me? I am happy spending my January indoors. I am making soups and experimenting with new recipes for crackers and condiments, interspersed with other creative and/or relaxing pursuits. I have decided that this is seasonally appropriate and that my feet will venture further afield again as the days grow longer, warmer, and drier.


I treasure this inward season when slowing down happens almost automatically, and I have more time and space to attend to my soul. I love that our winter gardens can be both literal and figurative, and that we can each tend them in our own ways.

Soup Pot

2 thoughts on “Winter Gardens

  1. Love that big yellow one ! and yes… we should copy nature and get ourselves in a half wintersleep mode! thank you for this lovely one Kim!

  2. Beautifully put… I’ve just got a new freezer to cope with the baking and soup making 🙂

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