Blankets and Birthdays


Sometimes life throws curve balls. I am working on some unique ways of marking and celebrating my upcoming 60th birthday; it has felt like a special birthday not only in terms of numbers, but also in terms of my evolvong sense of who I have become and the mark I want to make on the world in the years I have left to me. One of my projects is a cocheted stripey blanket in vivid autumn colours, one that makes my heart sing every time I see it. Although I am working on a blanket legacy for each of my children and grandchildren, this blanket was for me, from the very beginning – I wanted it to remind me of the colour I want to channel into the world as I age.


Much as I love the blanket and was looking forward to wrapping up in it on chilly winter evening,  I didn’t plan to inaugurate it quite so soon. Disaster struck Wednesday evening, curtailing both my walks and blogging for a few days. I’m ill, and walking from the car park to the doctor’s surgery is as much as I’ve managed. Such is life. My walks will resume soon, and in the meantime, blessings on your own walks in the world. I look forward to hearing about them!

5 thoughts on “Blankets and Birthdays

  1. The blanket is truly gorgeous. I’m glad you have it to wrap around you as you heal. I’m assuming that “doctor’s surgery” is a British term for doctor’s office? Even those steps count for walking in the world… XO

      1. Thanks for the clarification….I was about to have a heart attack! I knew you were under the weather but the word ‘surgery’ put me over the edge! Heal quickly!!

  2. Be well soon, Kimberly. I was thinking the only reason we hadn’t heard from you was you were ill. My habit of reading English novels has enlightened me to the meaning of doctor’s surgery. You must be doing a pre-birthday cleanse in preparation for the next chapter.

    1. Oh, thank you for putting that spin on it. I hadn’t seen it that way at all; I was too focused on managing the pain. I seem to have turned a corner now, and may even get out into the garden today. Will be watching for a sunny break in the clouds.

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