Super Moon


It was worth waking up for! We watched this glorious heavenly display from the comfort of our bedroom, this harvest moon fully eclipsed out our back window while Venus shone in on us from the east.

Looking heavenwards, I felt my connection to my far-flung spirit family, knowing that they were also witnessing and celebrating this Aries moon. I knew that they, too, were pondering the Mysteries, asking how they could bring down its energies and integrate them into their lives. Modern technology let me “stand” in a far-off labyrinth with a good friend as she drummed in the light of the Blood Moon, her skies as glorious as mine, the same moon shining down on us both. I knew another friend was watching from a ship in the North Sea, and yet another viewed it more partially from the labyrinth where I was married. Social media and Facebook let us weave our hearts and magic together in real-time.

I am told that this particular full moon encourages us to take risks in our lives and prompts us to step fully into our potential. Ask yourself what changes you would like to see in your life… what risks do you need to take? I am deeply moved by the opening lines of All the True Vows, a poem by David Whyte, and I think they apply today as I ponder my commitment to change and the risk it involves:

All the True Vows
are secret vows,
the ones we speak out loud
are the ones we break.