Walking with Big Red

Big Red

I’m a bona fide gadget queen who has wanted a red laptop for a long time, and this seems to be the year that I’m finally galloping away from basic black techno-gadgets. My new phone (for photographing my walks) is a classy gold (so that I won’t always be searching for a black phone in the depths of my black bags). And today I splashed out on a laptop that is bigger and brighter than the tiny black one I have been using (and cursing) for a good long time. Frankly speaking, it will make my blogging a whole lot easier and more pleasant — and it might even encourage me to keep up with my email, too.

Big Red won’t be coming along on my walks, but it will sure be nice to know that she’s waiting to receive my words and images when I get home! My team is coming together quite nicely.