Wonky Bear


I’ve been moving in deep waters this week, struggling to balance my internal and external realities. Some days I’ve had words, other days images, but the two just haven’t come together in coherent form. Nothing’s wrong. I got glutened last weekend (gluten is not my friend!), and my energy has been low all week. As I’ve rested, though, my creativity has finally begun to flow again, for the first time since returning from our travels.

I’ve been walking. Every day. But my focus has been elsewhere, on my art and dreams, and I gave myself permission to let go for a few days, so that I could spend time working on my various projects. I have, for instance, always wanted to be a Maker of Teddy Bears. Seriously. I have books on the subject, and patterns, and ideas — and now I’ve finally moved in to production mode. I can’t really explain why I’ve wanted to make these little guys, but they are among the legacy I want to leave behind. Teddy bears are comforting friends who delight the soul and inspire imagination — and they are a gift I want to be able to give, with my love woven into the stitches and my creative spark sewn into their features. This week, I made my first wonky bear; he’s decidedly lopsided, but I was learning as I went along.

And Bear #2 is nearly finished, a jointed soft pink alpaca wonder…  I can’t wait to see her personality emerge as I assemble her parts and begin to fashion the embellishments that will reflect the unique creature that she is. I’m in love!

5 thoughts on “Wonky Bear

  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. You are moving through the low tide knowing the flow will come to pass. I never invisioned a knitted bear as a relational object. I did have a pink bunny. (Don’t tell.) Enjoy the love, we never get all that we need. Take good care, I enjoy the moment. Kent

    1. Thanks for your good wishes, Kent. I’m better now, and am very grateful to have had a few days of rest to jump start my creativity!

  2. Kim, in Riga I saw a shop called “Hobbywool” with a spiral as logo. And the motto was: Knit like a Latvian (in English). I entered the shop to see all the beautiful things and my thoughts were with you. Happy knitting.

  3. If Wonky Bear is ever missing then contact Kelly before phoning Scotland Yard!!

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