Canterbury After Dark


Like most of us, I grew up associating Canterbury with pilgrims, and as my experience of pilgrimage expanded and deepened over the years, so did my appreciation for this wonderful old city with its magnificent cathedral.


We didn’t go inside the cathedral this week, but after a lovely dinner down near the river on Monday evening, we took advantage of the opportunity to stroll through the deserted cathedral grounds. The golden cathedral seemed to hover above both the city and the moonlit gardens.


I hugged this immense and ageless tree, wondering just what it has seen in its privileged lifetime. Pilgrims have come and gone over the years, their feet marking the cadence of the human heart along with the passage of time.

One thought on “Canterbury After Dark

  1. This photo… of the full moon in Virgo with Chiron and Jupitor at either side of the bridge… all rising above this wondrous tree is incredibly beautiful and invokes mystery and magic within me…

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