A Pilgrim’s Paris


Starting at the Tour St Jacques north of Notre Dame, there is a trail of pilgrimage symbols from across the centuries leading down the rue St Jacques. Searching them out is a veritable treasure hunt.

I always feel humbled when I stand in the shadow of the tower, with St James himself looking down from above. In my mind’s eye, I can see myself taking my place in the age-old parade of pilgrims who have visited as part of their own pilgrimages. The scallop shell is the most prevalent symbol of the pilgrim’s journey and there are also numerous images of St James, along with his pilgrim hat and staff.

Here’s a sampling:

St Jacques is, of course simply the French name for St James. Sorry for the wonkiness of the photos! I can fix them some other time…

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  1. The photos are fine. So interesting! And how wonderful to be part of that long parade of pilgrims.

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