Call to Adventure

My world is reopening. The pandemic gave me a chance to reset and find new directions for myself, but important pieces of my old life are tugging at me, reminding me of why they were part of my life in the first place. To be honest, the world feels different, and I am most certainly different – I suspect it is the same for all of us.

Pilgrim path to Walsingham, May 2023

After a serious knee injury and a long period of rehabilitation, I am walking again – a simple act that feels monumental after two long years of pain and frustration. I want to shout hallelujah as I head out on my daily walks in and around Thundersley. I’m still a slow walker and my toes still blister, but I’m excited for my next pilgrimage. I will head to France in ten days time to join a small group of pilgrims walking from Paris to Chartres, a route I know well and love deeply. (If you’re new to my blog, you can read about my earlier pilgrimages here and here – as these are blog archives, they will show up in reverse chronological order.)

Shall I catch you up briefly on what has changed in my life over the nearly two years since I last posted anything here? To start with, this site will look different to long-time readers because technology moves on when we’re not looking. I’m sure it will continue to evolve as I resume writing, but for now I just made quick decisions to allow us to reconnect as soon as possible.

Just before the start of the pandemic I started volunteering for several different organisations here in the UK and in the US. That kept me busy and involved as the world locked down and nonprofits scrambled to take their work online. For me, it was a chance for my geek nature to really come into its own; I had skills that were needed and enough time to be helpful. Through zoom, I coached individuals, led meetings, and made friends around the world – and I discovered that I still had something to contribute to the world.

I am now working with the Confraternity of St James (CSJ) in London where I serve as the Membership Secretary and fill various volunteer roles. As they are a camino support organisation, pilgrim conversations fill my days and I find myself longing to return to the Pilgrim’s Path.

Meanwhile, Jeff and I continue to run Labyrinthos and my family is thriving. We are so grateful that international travel has reopened.

This post is experimental – I hope that the notifications will go out smoothly and that I’ve made the necessary site upgrades successfully. I also hope that my long-term readers will welcome me back and keep reading, but I’ll understand if your lives have moved in different directions – you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of the emailed notification and I won’t be offended. This is neither a labyrinth nor a camino blog specifically, but is the story of my walks in the various contextual landscapes of my life which includes labyrinths, pilgrimage, and more. As I say in my introduction, I want this to be a sketchbook, or playground, where I can show up just as I am – this is me, without my makeup!

Over the next ten days I will talk about preparing for pilgrimage and then I’ll catch the train to France and invite you to travel along with me. I’d love to hear what you’re up to – just leave a comment!

30 thoughts on “Call to Adventure

  1. Oh, Kimberly, I look forward to following your adventures! I wish I would be writing to tell you I’d be in Chartres to greet you (and MJ) at the end of your pilgrimage as my plan was to assist at the Veriditas pilgrimage with Catherine Anderson and Lauren. Instead I am in California. My partner had a stroke in mid-July, is currently in a post-acute skilled nursing facility, and I am navigating the next steps in this new journey. Much love, Connie

    1. Oh my goodness, Connie. I had no idea. We need to stay in touch… maybe somewhere less public! I will be lighting a candle for you in Chartres!

  2. Oh I am deeply excited to accompany you on this pilgrimage…thanks for sharing yourself, just as you are!

  3. So happy that you will be sharing. And I am grateful for the invitation. International travel for us is currently on hold, as we honor Gaia’s healing.
    Much love to you and Jeff


  4. I am so excited to follow your journey! Sending you much love and traveling mercies.

  5. I am so glad to be walking in the world with you again through your words and images!

  6. Can’t wait to walk with you Kimberly! Thanks for taking us with you!

  7. What a treat to tag along virtually… may we do so for real one day!

  8. I’m so happy to see you posting again! Around the labyrinth all things come full circle. It sounds like I’ll be seeing you in Chartres!

  9. Oh Kimberly, I can think of no better guide and inspiration than you! I will follow your words anywhere’!

  10. Lovely to hear from you Kimberly, and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures on the pilgrim way from Paris to Chartres. I hope your knee bears up and your feet and toes too! So much has changed since we last met, but the journey continues… I hope we’ll meet again on the path x

  11. Hello Kimberly —— You wrote this Saturday which was my 90th Birthday —— Yes, indeed, 90 is the number and that is old. I am in good health —- clear mind —- and do wonder whatever am I still doing here on this planet, earth!!!!! My two daughter, Allison (Oregon) and Genna (Mendocino) came here to CAlistoga to spend this weekend with me —- awesome time with the three of us together. On Thursday of this week I have ten women coming for a birthday lunch at a restaurant here in town to celebrate me and us and living life. Ernie will be one of the women. She is almost 89. So I often think of you and am soooooooo happy to read your words here and want more from you and me to you. With ever so much Love, many Blessings, fond remembrances and spiraling hugs. Alyssa Hall

  12. I’m so looking forward to reading and following your pilgrim adventures. I will hold you in my heart as you walk. Much love to you and Jeff. ❤️

  13. Itching for a new Camino myself, and extremely interested in the walk from Paris to Chartres. I’d love to follow your adventure, rose camiga.

  14. I’m so excited for this great adventure – a new beginning – for you!!

  15. Ah, Kimberly, I feel connected in my soul to pilgrimage in the many ways it happens. It will be enriching to walk with you virtually. I am imagining Geoffrey Chaucer and the characters in the “Canterbury Tales.” Who will you encounter on your way? An adventure, for sure!

  16. Hi Kimberly, I’m sure you’ll find the walk amazing and Chartres is a wonderful place. I was lucky enough to see my son at the age of 9 sing there as part of a traditional (Middle Ages based), Anglican choir. He was one of the boy sopranos in the choir. The acoustics were glorious. If my memory serves me correctly there was a fabulous labyrinth there too. Buen Camino!

  17. Kimberly, so nice to see your blog and subscribe to it. Recovery from injuries is a pilgrimage in and of itself. Glad to be following along. Robin

    1. You’re right, it is, isn’t it?! And as weird as it sounds, I am finding immense joy in coming home from my walks and not being in any pain. A new appreciation!

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