A Coruña

After an easy arrival and a noisy night, we went out for a walk around the old harbour, enjoying the views of the beach and Lighthouse of Hércules before stopping for coffee and a tortilla.

We also visited the Igrexa Castrense de San Andres where we came face to face with Saint Modesta whom we both know from our visits to Chartres. Seeing her unexpectedly was like finding a friend on the trail, a blessing on our beginning.

4 thoughts on “A Coruña

  1. Thanks for welcoming me to walk-with-you!!! Enjoy your many Blessings. I love you both, Alyssa

  2. We both have visited lighthouses in the past 24 hours… that seems auspicious and synchronistic! So glad St. Modesta was there to greet you both!

  3. Special and interesting, especially the “water” path below hill?
    Onward and Upward with love, Nydia

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