Camino, Day One

Out of the city to walk along the edges of Ferrol estuary to Neda. Finding the starting point was quite emotional – we are enjoying looking for the yellow arrows that guide us on our way… it’s like a Spanish treasure hunt.

The scenery and landmarks are old and beautiful; people are friendly and wish us Buen Camino as we pass.

Dinner is late in Spain, but we must look hungry. When we ordered wine at a local cafe-churreria while waiting for a restaurant (any restaurant) to open, this appeared to accompany our Rioja. We might not need dinner, after all.

4 thoughts on “Camino, Day One

  1. So great to see your smiling faces! I can only imagine what it must be like to take those first steps… blessings to you both! And yum! What a glorious feast! XO

  2. Yum…red wine and olives, perfect after a day of ‘pilgrimaging’!! I continue to keep both of you in my heart…

  3. I recently spent the most blessed week in Santiago de Compostela – with a bishop and 140 clergy! – a mixture of prayerful retreat, walking and workshops… I was one of the guest speakers – a real privilege to journey with them all…my companions enriched every moment on the path.. Buono Camino – thank you for sharing your journey x

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