Day 7

What an exquisite day!

We headed out into the misty morning, following forest tracks for most our nearly 15 km walk.

Dewy spiderwebs looked like crystal mandalas decorating the sides of the road. And huge hydrangeas – bigger than our heads – added splashes of colour to the roadside.

We walked steadily, slightly separately, each with our own thoughts and pace, coming together at intersections and interesting sites.

We stopped once for frothy coffee con leche, and again later to sit at A Santiña or St Margaret’s Fonte, a modern fountain rebuilt on the site of a historic one that is said to be good for healing sore throats.

We continue to enjoy the signs of harvest as we walk through the Gallician countryside and love the raised granaries that are such a part of the culture.

My feet are beginning to feel a little worse for the wear, but I am determined to walk the last 17 kilometres to Santiago tomorrow. We are nearly there!

9 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Hang in there….I am sending healing energy to your feet. Is there a patron saint of feet? Holding you & Lisa in my heart!

  2. What a lovely walk with you this morning —- I love the mandala-like spider webs and enjoyed a little hot coffee with you too❣️❣️❣️ Your feet will continue to carry you well thru the last parts of this magical walk —— healing prayers for you. Much Love with Many Blessings

  3. Exquisite photos Kimberly! I too am sending healing energies to your feet that have carried you so well, and will continue to do so! Love to you both!

  4. I adore the spiderwebs. I hope Lisa doesn’t mind my sharing them to a workshop (for them to look at, not published) on Wisdom the Weaver. I’m using Walt Whitman’s “A Noiseless Patient Spider.”

  5. Blessings on your feet today Kirsten! I hope they are not too sore. It’s been wonderful to follow your journey, thanks for sharing.

  6. My heart is singing with yours as you walk into Santiago today…. prayers and blessings… Barbara x

  7. All so fun and interesting to see! Especially seeing the granaries on stilts…in England I loved seeing in the Coltswolds the granaries put up on rock “Staddle Stones” that look like giant mushrooms…I even have a miniature one for my dollhouse. Interesting too how different cultures do the same thing using for building what was available. Onward now and you are probably at end! Till next, XO Nydia

  8. PS the spiderweb I think is my favorite. I have only seen one other with dew yet not so large and perfect…. What a thing of amazement! (did you see the spider) another XO Nydia oh yes, the hydrangeas, beautiful

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