New Friends & Old

Leaving Chartres and heading back to Paris means the beginning of saying farewell to new friends and old. Many of you will recognise these people:

Malcolm Miller still gives fabulous tours, teaching us to read the windows of the cathedral in Chartres.
Yves greeted us with flowers and songs
Lunch with Laura who was also in Chartres this week.
Long time labyrinth friends from Veriditas
Those who have dined with me at Maison Verlaine will remember this favourite waiter who is always happy to make sure my meal is sans gluten.
And who could forget the wonderful Hotel Esmeralda or my friend and pilgrim companion, Lisa, who features in so many of my international adventures?
Un lapin de Paris

You may have noticed the I have not featured my fellow pèlerines in these photos and stories. Pilgrimage can be intensely personal in often unexpected ways so I wanted to protect their privacy. Let me just say that I have travelled in wonderful company these past ten days and I feel blessed to have spent time with each and every one of them.

4 thoughts on “New Friends & Old

  1. I love all your photos and writing from your pilgrimage…they have reawakened my love of Paris and Chartes…what an absolutely profound pilgrimage contained within your time of recovery, preparations, and the walk itself…receiving all the gifts of this pilgrimage and the many facets and layers of communication with self and all that is present is an absolute everlasting gift of “all that is”…thank you for sharing with all of us and my heart is blessed with all that is you…I humbly receive

  2. Thanks for the chance to walk with you.
    And for the beautiful photographs.

  3. Malcolm Miller was giving those wonderful tours in the late 1980s on my first visit to Chartres cathedral with my mother and father! So pleased to know that he is still there. He was one of the high spots of my mother’s visit.

    Thank you for taking us with you, Kimberly x

  4. Thank you for allowing me to join you vicariously through your writing and photos. What a joyful and profound experience. Much love to you ❤️

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