Pilgrimage Unfolding

I’ve been home from Spain for nearly four months now, but the Camino Inglés continues to echo in my soul. Pilgrimage unfolding is a magical process that is as energetic and psycological as it is physical. My gear is packed away and my body has recovered – no lost toenails this time! My life has changed to make room for ongoing Camino conviviality; I have started volunteering for CSJ-UK (the Confraternity of Saint James UK), and am loving every event I attend, meeting new friends, and stirring my own dreams.

Like so many returned pilgrims, I’ve been writing. Looking through the plethora of Camino memoirs available these days, it’s clear that I am not the only one who processes experience by writing about it. I’m not necessarily looking to publish it for widespread distribution, but I wanted to capture the immediacy of my walk by making it available and searchable as a guide to others who may be approaching their own caminos with concerns similar to mine, or who might simply want to read my experiences, tips, and takeaways.

My Camino Inglés

I have created a new tab at the top of this site to contain this article and I will eventually post various of my writings about pilgrimage (including but not limited to the Camino de Santiago), pilgrim iconography (which absolutely fascinates me with its prevalence and diversity), and other resources that I want to record, remember, and promote. I feel like I am following my own star with this article, but I hope it will also be interesting and helpful to others.

6 thoughts on “Pilgrimage Unfolding

  1. This is such a great read and resource Kimberly. It not only gives me a deeper view of your pilgrimage with Lisa and what it meant for you personally but has sparked my own desire to know more about the Camino and how setting out on a walk with such heart and intention is life-changing. I will read this over and over again. Thank you!

  2. Oh, I so look forward to following your continued pilgrimage adventures!!

  3. I just hope you don’t forget the labyrinth? I’m too old for the Camino, Paris-Chartres was still fine. I continue with labyrinth designs and are expierencing Instagram and continue blooging, following Facebook, Pinterest and so on.
    Wishing you all the best on the new way.

    1. No worries, Erwin! The labyrinth still weaves through every day of my life – and always will! Hoping to post more on our Labyrinthos Blog in the near future. Love to you! Kimberly

  4. I love the phrase “Pilgrimage Unfolding” and look forward to reading your articles based on your Camino experiences! In particular your deepened interest in Camino iconography. I too am a Pilgrim and have completed the amazing pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres and more recently a pilgrimage walk from Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, Canada to St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. Since then I have been creating mosaics inspired by the yellow Camino arrows and Camino way markers. And I am training to walk some of the Irish Camino this Fall. I have a strong feeling that some of the Camino iconography images that you post will inspire future mosaic projects! With your permission first – of course.

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