Setting Forth

Another adventure begins! Jeff and I drove around the dreaded M25 to rendezvous with my long-time pilgrimage companion, Lisa Moriarty. Jeff will keep the home fires burning while Lisa and I head off on a multifaceted pilgrimage to Sweden and France.

Today was simply about catching up on our deep friendship and reestablishing the rhythms that let us travel together so successfully. We began by returning to the Watts Chapel and Gallery in Compton for lunch and a visit to the art centre that never fails to stir the soul.

Visiting the pilgrim cross that Mary Watts erected alongside the old pilgrim route to Canterbury seems the perfect start to any pilgrimage.

As usual, we found new art nestled in amongst the old, a testament to the vitality of the Watts foundation and its commitment to fostering new generations of artists. 

Further up the road, we visited the Watts Chapel with its lavish colour and symbolism.  

The red building looked splendid against the deep blue sky, and the angels with their labyrinths offered departure blessings for our own journey.

Returning to the maze that is Heathrow, we settled into our hotel for a quiet evening of fine dining and pre-pilgrimage dreaming.

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  1. I loved our visit to Watts Chapel with you & Jeff! Was Brian Mays there again?!!

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