Today was a walking day. The weather was perfect – cool and dry, and our spirits were high.

Skyline across the fields

We caught our first glimpse of Chartres Cathedral, far in the distance – too far for you to see in the photograph, but trust me, we saw it. We will arrive in Chartres tomorrow afternoon.

The cathedral in the far off distance

The French countryside is beautiful, and familiar to me from previous walks. The route we take is slightly different each time.

Maison and medieval laundry
Roman viaduct

But always we are on the route of St James:

And look who was waiting to greet us at the end of the day’s walk:

Our Lady Under the Earth

3 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Magical! Loving the journey with you, your armchair companion, glenna

  2. To follow in your footsteps… these few days is such a gift. Your day yesterday and today have touched me deeply. And now… I know the hidden word on the little statue from Chartres that I found on Friday here in Northern California. Linking us around the world. Thank you, Kimberly. XO

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