Welcome the Fool!

As I do every day, I drew a card from my favourite tarot deck, The Spacious Tarot, this morning:

Could there be a better card to see me off on my journey? Anything is possible, and adventure awaits!

I leave early tomorrow, going in to London to catch the Eurostar to Paris. My pack is as light as I can make it, but it still feels heavy – is there anything else I can jettison before I walk out my door? Am I carrying anything that weighs me down without serving me? I took out an extra shirt a little while ago, and I’m wondering if I need to look again at the things I carry with me, just in case… this might be a good time to lay down a few of my control issues and admit that over preparation can be a heavy burden. Sometimes we just need to set out and trust the path as it opens ahead of us. May I stay open to the adventure that is calling my name.

6 thoughts on “Welcome the Fool!

  1. What a noble adventure…and such great personal questions. Stay conscious. The FOOL card is such a reflection of you and your stepping off into the unknown.
    Respectfully yours,
    Rebecca Rodriguez

  2. Adventure awaits indeed! Between The Fool and yesterday’s sign, I’d say you’re in good hands. Safe travels! <3

  3. That t-shirt will make the world of difference in so many ways!
    You’ve got this!
    Buen Camino!


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