A Ton of Wood


We’re getting ready for winter. We’ve converted the old WW2 brick bomb shelter in our back garden into a woodshed and stacked it to the ceiling with fire supplies to keep us warm whatever comes. Some years are mild, others more cruel, but either way, we rank staying cosy as a high priority. We’ve got kindling, coal, and logs…. all we need now is a bowl of chestnuts for roasting!


One thought on “A Ton of Wood

  1. Oh so comforting,I will think of you and Jeff enjoying a good book and maybe a cup of hot chocolate on a stormy evening.! I miss the smell of wood fires, not so much the oak that we have here, but the pine we burned in the mountains. Also I was reminded of a wonderful little cottage by a Lock in Scotland where we stopped to see some wood carvings and the delicious smell that came from a peat fire burning in a a little iron stove! XO Nydia

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