Autumn Equinox


I really noticed the shortening day as I walked to work last night. A couple of months ago, the sun was only just setting as I headed home from class, well after 9:00 — now it is happening before I even arrive. Today is the autumn equinox here in the northern hemisphere (spring equinox in the southern hemisphere), the day when the hours of daylight and darkness stand in balance. It is day to recognize the changing seasons, to express gratitude for what has been, to welcome what comes next, and to seek an inner balance to accompany the outer balance of light and dark.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox

  1. The world looks awesome when Autumn arrives… I love these days of late-Summer/early-Autumn, with the low sun, the beautiful sunsets and the leaves turning orange, red and brown. Finding balance while walking through nature… these moments of ‘zen’ are precious. Hope you experience peaceful moments too Kimberly. Love and salty kisses (I live near the sea now, you know?!) from Zeeland!

    1. I love Zeeland, and enjoy knowing that you are there. We will be in Harwich this evening and I will wave to you across the North Sea!

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