My January disappeared into a soft blur of homey activities. In a barely visible sort of way, I got a lot of things done here at home to set me up for tackling some of my bigger 2016 goals. January is often like that for me, a time of natural inwardness. I didn’t much want to go out walking in the world; my whole body felt lethargic and slow-moving, and I was happy to give in to the inclination to stay home and putter around my nest, sorting and clearing, cooking and cleaning. Now, with February’s arrival, I feel my energy stirring and my creative juices beginning to flow.

Although we had one cold week, we’ve not had snow, nor have we suffered from the storms that have battered other parts of Britain. Our gardens aren’t sure what to think about the weather… and I had the distinct feeling that these daffodils were giggling as I walked past them this morning.

Daffodowndilly has come to town,
in a yellow petticoat and a green gown.
~  Traditional Rhyme

2 thoughts on “February!

  1. Yes, we are all indeed getting out off our wintersleep/hibernation… truly winter is meant to be that way. All we have to do is go with the flow!
    Lovely Kim, thank you.

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