Spring Beckons

March arrived in bright sunshine this morning.  I know better than to think that spring has really arrived, but we are seeing the first signs as the crocuses and daffodils appear and early-blossoming trees break into flower, a little more each day. They call today the start of meteorological spring, and that’s good enough for my winter-weary soul. Yes, the ground is pretty squishy underfoot, but my walking shoes are ready!

My walking dreams are stirring. I’ve put a lot of energy into involving myself with the Confraternity of St. James here in England this winter, volunteering and getting to know other people who – like me – hear the call of the pilgrim path. Today is the day to start my preparations for the path ahead.

7 thoughts on “Spring Beckons

  1. Yay for Spring…I can’t wait for the warmth of the sun to return!!!!

  2. It is just around the corner! Happy walking. Carol

  3. Thank you.. these shoes sure can tell a story ! Kim, have not been able to find your pilgrimage story yet. you direct me to your website… is this this one ? if not, could you give me the exact info ?

  4. I am excited to see where your path will take you next and more what you will write about it.

  5. Oh Yes! And I eagerly await walking with you! XO Nydia

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