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This has been such a hard week for so many of us — the news is painful to see and hear, wherever we are. My knitting hero, Franklin Habit, posted these words: “The more ugly they make, the more pretty I will make.” They came at exactly the right time for me, and I’m shifting my focus. I am trying to pay more attention to what is positive, good, and beautiful than I do to that which is horrifying. That may not change the world, but it might change me enough to go on and do more. Please take a minute each day to “make pretty.” Please find something positive or beautiful or happy in your little corner of the world and post it somewhere on social media. Every day. I need to see pretty being made, whether it is something we create with our own hands, or find in the world with our eyes and hearts open.

I posted the above words on Facebook this morning; it was the least I could do. I want those words to be here, too, to remind me of my commitment to be a force for good. To show my colours. To invite Beauty into the world and to trust its power.

The more ugly they make the more pretty I will make.
— Franklin Habit

So, can I do a happy dance right here in my post? Franklin liked my FB post and replied with both words and a little heart emoji. He really is one of my heroes! I feel a little giddy…

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