Softly Spring


We had wonderfully soft weather today, just warm enough to lure people out of their houses for the afternoon – and I even traded my winter boots for summer sandals for a few hours. Instead of going for a long walk,  I found myself darting outside for a few minutes every little while throughout the day to enjoy the sun and the freshness of the garden.  In the village, Pinaglis was as inviting as ever, with spring blossoming inside as well as out.

3 thoughts on “Softly Spring

  1. I saw 63 degrees for Thundersley on my weather app earlier today and was delighted for you!

  2. Kimberly,
    I have been enjoying your spring vicariously in California. You make the beauty of yor days come alive in your descriptions. It has been very dry here and I fear for the ecosystems here. The beauty of the hills around Santa Rosa reminds me to be conscious of the magical world around me. I very much enjoy your blogs. If your at this end of the world I would enjoy another conversation with you in person. Your friend, Kent Snyder

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