Old Grey


Our weather seems to be trying out every shade of grey today. It’s not particularly cold, just grey and (now) drizzly. This horse made me laugh as she reached her neck through the fence to nibble on the greener side — she almost looks like she’s wearing a crown. Sweet! I guess she’s going to get even wetter over the coming days, but we won’t be here to notice — we fly off to Switzerland at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Oddly, it looks like their November is milder than ours, so we should have clear skies as we go in hunt of a few new labyrinth/maze photos.

One thought on “Old Grey

  1. Day after day I look forward to “our walk” (seeing spiderwebs especially!), red skies and learning more about my love of the UK! Looking forward to what I’ll see from Switzerland XO Nydia

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