Ready to Roll


The Royal Mail trucks are waiting for their Posties, all lined up in front of the sorting office. A silly thing, but I really do enjoy seeing the red trucks and post boxes here, and it’s not often that I’m out and about early enough to see them all together like this. The bright crisp morning was just too good to miss!

And in a nice little piece of synchronicity, one of those shiny red trucks brought me a package I’ve been waiting for. The next rainy day we get will find me curled up with my new book…

3 thoughts on “Ready to Roll

    1. And Then There Were Nuns by Jane Christmas. I started reading it as a Kindle single, but then found it used for a whole lot cheaper.

      1. I read that a few years ago after I found a copy of her book Incontinent On The Continent. I found her writing honest and humorous!

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