Tick-the-box Walking

I’m feeling swamped here at my desk today, and really had to force myself into shoes and out the door for what I was calling a tick-the-box walk. I told myself I’d just take a quick swing around the (long) block, then come home and get back to work. But it didn’t work like that, and I have to admit, it never does. Yes, I only went out because of my commitment to walk daily for all of 2015, and yes, I was trying to get by with minimal effort… but then my body responded to the rhythm of my feet, and I felt myself relax into the walking, and then I looked up and saw this:

London RoadAnd my heart leaped. I’m in England. I really do live here, and I will never get over the fact that London Road really does mean the road to London. How amazing is that? Ten minutes later I was back home and back to work, happier and more relaxed than when I started.

Maybe there really isn’t any such thing as tick-the-box walking.

2 thoughts on “Tick-the-box Walking

  1. Your post got me out… when I would have stayed in… thank you for pointing out the road to London…

  2. I love this sign, it makes me think of olden days and people on horses on their way to London on “The London Road”

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