Tree Love


Once upon a time a Tree was so loved that when it came time to put a little brick wall around its garden,  the owners left a break in the wall so as not to disturb the tree.


Over the years, the Tree grew tall and provided shade for the garden and beauty to the road. After a while, ivy grew up her trunk, and lots of passers-by came to love the Tree as much as her family.


When I passed  by this afternoon, the tree was gone, her life over, with only a lovely stump left to show us that she had loved us in return. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a heart shaped stump before.

2 thoughts on “Tree Love

  1. is the stump low enough to sit on? Maybe it’s time to add a cushion (maybe a knitted one!) and perhaps a copy of the “Giving Tree” so people can sit with the tree and still commune with the tree!

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