Vanessa atalanta


Summer is drawing to a close so we won’t be seeing many more of these little beauties this year, but we’ve found this Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) huddled outside our office window several times lately, just out of camera shot. Today, though, Jeff caught her flying into the garden and snapped a quick photo when she landed in the ivy. Their flashy colouring makes them easy to spot and fun to see.

Some Red Admirals do hibernate, so I am harbouring the hope that she will survive the winter in some protected place.  Butterflies in general are symbols of transformation, and unexpected sightings like this draw my attention inwards as I check in with myself about where I am in my own ongoing cycle of transformation. Seeing Vanessa this week reminds me of the importance of sharing the colors and joy of my creations with the world.

What does she say to you?


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