Walking together, sort of…

Thundersley was sunny, glorious and cold* this morning. I had picked up some fresh lemon grass and curry powder from Foods of Asia for a friend, so I walked through the village to drop them off just before lunch, giving me a chance to get some fresh air and mingle a bit en route. Sometimes, too, it is just nice to lose yourself in the blue sky and your own imaginings, but unfortunately, neither of those things photograph too well.

So, my photograph today comes from across the Pond, taken by a friend who wrote on Facebook: ” Am I crazy or what; it’s 10 below zero here [in MIchigan] and here I am walking around taking pictures of the beauty of the day!” I love seeing the sunrise over Lake Huron, and getting a little peek into her day, her life, her neighbourhood. I love that we were out walking at exactly the same time, and am thrilled by the technology that lets us share our experiences almost instantaneously.  I asked if I could share it here, in honour of the miracle of walking “together” on two sides of the planet. Anyone else want to go for a walk with me?Sunrise over Lake Huron © Janine Burroughs

*Just to be clear, even though it was cold, it was still well above freezing here!