Art-Full Pilgrimage


A new adventure begins…  A dear friend flew in from California this afternoon, so after picking her up from Heathrow we headed for tea and a walk in the small village of Compton in nearby Surrey.  Compton is home to the Watts Chapel, a unique and marvelous cemetery chapel decorated inside and out with all manner of beautiful symbols,  including four terra cotta labyrinths held by angels – one of which you might recognise from the Labyrinthos website – and another on the altarpiece inside.


The chapel sits very close to  the old pilgrimage road that leads to Canterbury, a fact that was well-noted by artist Mary Seton Watts who created a memorial cross for her husband G. F. Watts after his death in 1904.  The cross stands within sight of both Limnerslease (the Watts’ family home) and the pilgrim path.


3 thoughts on “Art-Full Pilgrimage

  1. Lovely Kim ! Remember being there with you both. who knows, when I am over somewhere in April?? give my love to Lea.

  2. Thankyou Kimberly… I hadn’t realised the connection to the pilgrim path to Canterbury… I must visit Watts Chapel soon… x

    1. We only learned about it last year when we visited Limnerslease, Barbara. Makes it even more special for me.

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