Visiting Chartres is always a joy. I’ve come here many times over the years, and every visit has its own unique flavour. This time we arrived as two women celebrating friendship and milestone birthdays. We’ve visited the cathedral and walked the picturesque medieval streets, eaten crepes,  and strolled through the markets. This afternoon we walked out of town along the River Eure to explore a bit more of the Chemin de St. Jacques pilgrimage route and visit the modern statue of St.  Jacques who stands across from the Camino  milestone: only 1624 km to Compostela!


2 thoughts on “Chartres!

  1. Kim, about your question about the foundations across the Cathedral of ND de P. You blocked your email account so my answer bounced back.
    So here goes :
    leaving the main entrance of the Cathedral, just cross over and you will find the entrance to the preserved foundations . They did a super job. Fascinating, liked it much more than the Cathedral itself . Am not to fond of the ND de P. to dark and not very inspiring I feel. Just personal I am sure. Love

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