Hermitage Castle


I have found my castle! We couldn’t resist turning off the main road when we saw signs pointing to Hermitage Castle. What could be better for two crusty old hermits like us?


And what a beauty it turned out to be! Just right for an afternoon of clambering and exploring!


An important part of the Borderlands defences in the Middle Ages, Hermitage Castle hosted Mary Queen of Scots in 1566 when she rode in from Jedburgh for a brief visit with her future husband, the Earl of Bothwell.



2 thoughts on “Hermitage Castle

  1. Kimberly, on my first trip to Scotland in 2000, Hermitage Castle was one of our first stops in the Borders. We were 32 Scottish Dancers on a large coach which could barely navigate the narrow roads. I think we spent some time backing up so we could cross a stone bridge. Thank you for triggering nice memories of a special place! I look forward to more of your Scottish adventures. Scotland is my ‘happy place’.

  2. Fascinating as all the accounts have been, yet this tweaked memories of Scotland and vistas I never knew about. Oh to know what the Castle was like inside when Mary visited there!! Thank you, thank you! XO Nydia (route was aboard The Royal Scottsman” which “once was” a fantastic trip.)

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