Pilgrim’s Delight

We are on our way to Scotland, and our day was a pilgrim’s delight — beautiful weather, good companionship (each other!) and three distinct and meaningful destinations:


Our first stop was at Wing to walk their little turf labyrinth on the edge of the village green.


From there we headed north to Brontë Country where we headed directly for the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, an amazing and beautifully curated exhibition on the lives of the Brontë family. My highlight? Seeing the table where both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights were penned. Unfortunately, they didn’t permit photography inside the parsonage.

We later checked into Oakwood Hall Hotel just outside Bingley, a place we had simply booked online just before we left home. Imagine or surprise when we found this stunning listed building with all its original features still intact, including a set of stained glass windows by William Morris. MorrisWindow

I thought Jeff was going to faint, and we both particularly enjoyed the pilgrimage reference of the Chaucer window.


What a wonderful start to our 2015 Scotland adventure!

3 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Delight

  1. And here I am in Canterbury. . Have a blessed journey x

  2. Oh these are fabulous photos of such incredible places! You’re right. I so wish I were along for the ride! Have a great time. And please don’t let Jeff faint, esp. while he is driving! 😉

  3. Fine to see Wing once more after all the years. They seem to maintain it.
    I follow the journey with you as you share it with us via blogging. Thank you Kim.

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