Walking Back in Time


Our walk today took us back through layers of time. We spent hours exploring the Kato Pafos Archaeological Park where art, history, and culture weave across centuries and give us clues to the people who left their footprints on the island. The weather was quite spectacular, so the sea sparkled as it reflected the cloudless sky above, and we are early enough in the season that the grass was still green,  and the meadows filled with a profusion of wildflowers.


The highlight for me was undoubtedly the amazing collection of mosaics, dating from the 3rd century BC to the 4th century AD, including this beauty – a large labyrinth with a spectacular centre.


We followed our visit to the ruins with a walk along the modern harbour where we stopped for a chat with this fellow as he wandered freely amongst the fishing boats. (Yes, he is a real pelican.)


5 thoughts on “Walking Back in Time

  1. That you way up there Kim ? and what a gem of a labyrinth… not to mention that pelican! He is my favourite! xx

  2. That labyrinth is exquisite… the colours still gorgeous after all this time…x

    1. Amazing. I was surprised by the intensity of the colours, and completely awed by the overall beauty.

  3. You could walk on the mosaic labyrinth? Ohhhh.
    I am thinking that you will be offering tours of Where The Goddess Walks in the foreseeable future!

    1. No, the labyrinth is well-protected from all foot traffic, but the archaeological park has done a beautiful job of constructing raised walkways and viewing platforms so visitors can get a good look without inflicting damage on this exquisite 3rd century mosaic.

      In all likelihood it was never meant to be walked. It completely fills the floor of a main reception hall in the governor’s palace, so it would have been intended to make an artistic and philosophical statement as people gathered there. They would have walked across it, but probably wouldn’t have followed its narrow pathways.

      And YES we are thinking of taking a small group of Pilgrims to Walk in Beauty where the Goddess Walks next March. Care to join us?

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