On the Town

Today wasn’t the brightest of days in old London Town, but the skyline never fails to delight. No matter how long I live in this green and pleasant land, I will never get past the thrill of getting off the train, turning the corner, and seeing the Tower of London up ahead. You know you’re in London when you see this in front of you:


And this famous weathervane high atop Trinity House behind you:


We were celebrating a birthday with a yarn crawl, visiting the best  yarn shops our capitol has to offer. En route we caught glimpses of famous landmarks like the London Eye:


And modern labyrinths decorating the walls of the tube stations (like this one in Waterloo station):


Following our quest, we braved the escalator at Angel tune station which used to be the longest in the world (it is now the fourth longest in western Europe):


Did we find our yarn? This smile says it all:


Happy birthday to the other American in the village!

3 thoughts on “On the Town

  1. Thank you for sharing…I feel like I was with you and revisiting our fantastic day last August! Birthday yarn…heaven!!

  2. I enjoy your junkets to town, I feel like I am doing ‘real’ Britain on the cheap. Tuesday I go to the “City” (there is only one here.} I will send you some pictures if I may. I am going with a friend to the new Asian Art Museum downtown near the ‘Tenderloin’, I lived in he neighborhood in the early 70’s and it is much changed. Rentals in the city are apporching $2,500 to 3,000 a month. I wonder what my old place at 550 Levenworth rents for now. Married at St. Boniface in 1970 to my first wife, about four lives ago. All my best, Kent

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