Beautiful Things in Humble Places


After weeks of exciting travel and interesting adventures, it is a bit jolting be home where no one asks me what I want for breakfast and my daily walks in the world are once again practical and mundane. Does anyone care that I walked to Rouge on Saturday to get a pedicure? Or that I couldn’t tear myself away from the book I was reading yesterday, not even for a quick walk around the block? Today, now that the laundry is done and I’m sitting down to face the mountain of work on my desk, I’m struggling to get my act together. And then, as I was sorting through some of the photos I took in Scotland, I came across this quote that I found lettered on the wall of a gallery in the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow several weeks ago:


I’m remembering now the blessing of going for a “mundane” walk and finding something unexpected and beautiful… a flower, a cloud, a shadow. Above all, that has been the miracle of this blogging practice, realizing over and over again that beauty is always there, waiting to be found, to be recognized, to be appreciated. When one experiences beauty, the world becomes a wondrous place.

This feels like a good time to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and encourages me to keep walking, discovering, and writing! Keeping my promise to tell you about my daily walks in the world is changing my life.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Things in Humble Places

  1. It’s a hard work to blog, walk, looking for unexpected and so on – daily. It’s even hard to blog regularly, in greater steps. I would like to encourage you to keep on walking, blogging, discovering and sharing your ideas with us. Thank you.

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