Cast Iron Cross

Iron Cross

Walking through Hadleigh en route to a business meeting, I passed by the Church of St. James the Less (which I’ve shown you before), and noticed an unusual grave cross in one corner of the church yard. Made of cast iron, it doesn’t give any information about the person whose grave it marks, but it stood out amongst the other markers which were all made from stone.

A brief search online indicates that iron crosses in the USA (particularly in the southern states, I assume) mark the graves of Confederate soldiers, but here in England it is simply a choice with  no particular symbolism attached. In its own way simple way, I found it unique and beautiful. This one was made by Etna Foundry in Glasgow in the late 19th century.

One thought on “Cast Iron Cross

  1. Interesting. I like the historical connection to Confederate soldiers. I have never see this type of marker. Thanks for the picture.(beautiful tribute) The flower theme is interesting. K

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