Flaunting It


Sometimes it seems nicer to stay inside and putter than to put on walking shoes and head out into the world. But even a short walk shows me something new or interesting, and then for the rest of the day I’m glad I made the effort to go out. Today it was this shrub that caught my attention — its new leaves are shiny red instead of the usual bright spring green, and then for good measure it also has delicate white flowers growing in tidy bunches. Tucked into the shady corner of a garden, this little guy really flaunts his stuff and dares to be different!

The rest of my walk took on a new tenor as I pondered how I might show my true colours to the world. What are your true colours, and do how you show them in your world?

(Post Update: My sister wrote to say that this is Pieris japonica, a lily of the valley shrub — I knew someone would know!)


One thought on “Flaunting It

  1. My true colors… like this shrub that bursts with new red leaves instead of green, are similar… I show them by taking risks to be me. Truly me. XO

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