Goodbye Winter Boots


I am so ready to kick off my winter boots, but it’s definitely not quite sandal season yet. I found these gorgeous walking shoes in a charity shop in Glastonbury when we were there a few weeks ago — nearly new, and in my size and colour, so how could I resist? I still need Real Hiking Boots before we go a-travelling next month, but in the meantime I’m trying these out for local walks.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter Boots

  1. What great boots! I love English charity shops. I facilitated a guided labyrinth walk for Veriditas at Earthrise in Petaluma last night with fourteen walkers. It was my third ‘certification’ walk so now I can move ahead with that process. Of course my Chartres experiences were with me.

  2. It’s almost summer here in Enkhuizen too, but I understand it’s snowing in Vermont!

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