Summer Morning


Southern England is quite beautiful at the moment, with sunny days, deep blue skies, and glorious flowers. As we had to do a few errands in Rayleigh early this morning, I took advantage of being out and about and went for a stroll along the High Street. This abundant display is outside the Crown pub, on the corner of Crown Hill.


And while I was admiring the flowers, Jeff was scoping out the goods at Byford’s… I think those pork pies were calling his name! (He now admits that one of them followed him home!)


One thought on “Summer Morning

  1. Kimberly,
    This is a magic time of the summer for growing things. The stone fruits are unbelievable, peaches like grapefruits in size, luscious. Dipped in to your Labyrinth pictures and blog. How did they use the labyrinths in spiritual practice? I have walked a few simple ones and it was meditative. Just curious. Thank you for the pleasure of being a vicarious traveler. The pies make me hungry, but fortunately there is a pie place in Petaluma that does well, but is not in the class to match these. I envy Jeff about the pies. K

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